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Divorce is difficult.  Let our Firm be there for you.     We take a holistic approach to your case.  It’s not only a legal matter, but a life changing event.  We try to make the transition as painless as possible, with individualized attention and patient, caring guidance. Please feel free to read thorough our literature and familiarize yourself with the legal process.

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QuestionsYou’ve reached a point where you’re thinking about a change, but need to get informed.  You have general questions, but not sure if you need to speak with an attorney just yet.  Please read through the general overview of Divorce in Texas prepared by our knowledgable Team.  If you have specific questions after looking through the provided material, feel free to book your Free Consultation.

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ChecklistBefore contemplating Divorce, you must be financially, emotionally and physically prepared.  Please study our Pre-Divorce Checklist.  It will give you an idea of the information that our Team will need to help you through this transition.

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Are you ready to begin the journey toward your new life?  Call us today to schedule your Free Consultation.  We would be honored to help ease the stress and burden of this transition.

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Family Code Search 

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Texas Rules of Civil Procedure

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Child Support  – Office of the Attorney General

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Meet Our Family Law Team

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Divorce Attorney Georgetown TX